Colonia’s Poznanski has the vision to win a NJ state wrestling title

John Poznanski may have lost an eye to a rare disease as a toddler, but the adversity has not impaired the nationally ranked Colonia High School wrestler’s state championship vision.

“Many people probably don’t know that I only have one eye,” said Poznanski, who had his left eye replaced with an ocular prosthesis shortly before his fourth birthday after being diagnosed with Coats Disease, a disorder characterized by abnormal development of the blood vessels in the retina.

The ocular prosthesis is perfectly matched to Poznanski’s eye color and expertly implanted for natural movement, but obviously limits his peripheral vision.

“It’s something you really can’t do much about, but you’ve got to learn to overcome it,” he said. “I’ve learned to adapt. I’ve always been like this. I live like this. I wrestle like this. I really don’t know any different.”