Leaders & Legends

AN INTERVIEW WITH Carol L. Shields, MD, FASRS In this inspiring interview you’ll hear from the remarkable Carol L. Shields, MD, FASRS, […]

SPECIAL REPORT: Eye Fight for Eli

https://www.weny.com/story/45228462/special-report-eye-fight-for-eli WELLSBORO, PA. (WENY) — A little boy in Tioga County, Pennsylvania recently had to have his eye removed after being diagnosed […]

Malignant Transformation

https://www.aao.org/1-minute-video/multimodal-imaging-signs-of-malignant-transformati In this 1-Minute Video, Dr. Carol Shields offers tips for managing patients who present with a pigmented lesion at the back […]

Only a Moment in Time

A Story of Frustrations, Close Calls, Fun, and Lucky Breaks. The Autobiography of Jerry A. Shields, M.D. Available at Blurb

Treating Iris Melanoma

In this 1-Minute video, Dr. Carol Shields offers advice for treating iris melanoma. Ocular oncologists generally devise treatment strategies based on tumor […]