What We Do

The Ocular Oncology Service manages tumors at various sites in the eye region including:

Eyelid Tumors: Arising on the eyelids or eyebrow region.
Conjunctival Tumors: On the surface of the eye.
Corneal Tumors: On the front surface of the eye.
Orbital Tumors: Occurring behind the eye and pushing the eye forward.
Intraocular Structures: Occurring inside the eye in the region of the iris, retina, ciliary body, optic disc, choroid, or vitreous.

We use only the most advanced treatments to cure eye cancer, many of which were pioneered by the physicians on this service such as:

• Plaque radiotherapy for melanoma
• Thermotherapy for melanoma
• Chemoreduction for retinoblastoma
• Intra-arterial chemotherapy for retinoblastoma
• Intravitreal chemotherapy for retinoblastoma
• Plaque radiotherapy for retinoblastoma
• Resection (removal) of tumors from deep within the eye
• Topical chemotherapy for cancers on the eye’s surface
• Injection chemotherapy for cancers growing deep around the eye