Wills Eye Hospital

Wills Eye Hospital was the first eye hospital in the United States of America and it has developed into an international center for eye diseases. Established in 1832 from the donation of James Wills to provide a hospital for the “blind and lame,” Wills Eye Hospital has blossomed into a leader in eye care for America and beyond. More than 250,000 patients with eye problems are managed annually and the most advanced surgery in the nation is pioneered and performed in this institution. Wills Eye Hospital continues to lead the way in cataract surgery, glaucoma management, retinal disease treatment, pediatric eye care, and intraocular tumor treatment. The motto at Wills Eye Hospital is “skill with compassion” and this is evident each day in every patient interaction. The goal of the physicians is to improve quality of patient life with preservation of vision. The logo for Wills Eye Hospital includes the statement “America’s First. World’s Best.” This emphasizes that this hospital has served America longer than any other, for approximately 200 years, and it signifies the quality of care is the best in the world.